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"CHITOSE Rifu" MMD Model Rules and Regulations


= "CHITOSE Rifu" MMD Model Ver1.0 Rules and Regulations =

= First =

These are MMD Models "CHITOSE Rifu".
"CHITOSE Rifu" is a voicebank for UTAU.
Please use MikuMikuDance(MMD),MikuMikuMoving(MMM), etc.
This sentence use Google Translate.
Sorry, if you could not read this.

= Contents =

├chitoserifu-A.pmx ChitoseRifu-Ace_ver1.0. Official costume. Balloon Skirt. AL.
├chitoserifu-B.pmx ChitoseRifu-Boy_ver1.0. Boyish Slacks costume. AL.
├chitoserifu-C.pmx ChitoseRifu-Coat_ver1.0. Gothic Roriita Coat costume. AL.
├chitoserifu-S.pmx ChitoseRifu-Swim_ver1.0. Swimsuit costume. AL.
├floorboard-L.pmx Floorboard-Large. Accessory. AL.
├floorboard-M.pmx Floorboard-Medium. Accessory. AL.
├floorboard-S.pmx Floorboard-Small. Accessory. AL.
├rifu-bearears.pmx Rifu's Bear-ears. Accessory.
├rifu-boots.pmx Rifu's Boots. Accessory.
├rifu-pumps.pmx Rifu's Pumps. Accessory.
├rifu-sandals.pmx Rifu's Sandals. Accessory.
├rifu-headset.pmx Rifu's Headset. Accessory. AL.
├rifu-kandelaar.pmx Rifu's Kandelaar. Lantern. Accessory. AL.
├rifu-wings.pmx Rifu's Wings. AL.
├readme-EN.txt English Rule. This readme.
├readme-JP.txt Japanese Rule.
├sample1.jpg Sample Image. Character.
├sample2.jpg Sample Image. Accessory.
├Pose folder Pose for Wing and Hand.
├s folder Spheremap. Gloss,Luster.
├t folder Texture. Color.
└tn folder Toon. Shadow.
AL=AutoLuminous[SovoroP] for MikuMikuEffect

= Precautions =

* I have added a little of my own interpretation to the design.
* These models have "SemiStandardBones".
(master,view cnt,groove,waist,upper body2,shoulderP,arm twist,wrist twist,dummy,thumb0,legD,kneeD,ankleD,toe2,leg IKP,leg IK)
* These models have "skirt-front" bones as skirts are not torn.
* These models glow in "AutoLuminous" for "MikuMikuEffect".
* These models have transmission parts(wings,ribbon,etc.). Be careful to order.
* I've converted the accessories to PMX.
* The thickness of the edge line is 0.4.

= Prohibition =

* Using "CHITOSE Rifu" for the use below is prohibited:
|* Political or religious remarks(invitation, criticism or praise)
|* Sexual, violent(R-rated) , criminal or discriminatory contents
|* Animalization(excluded animal costumes, animal ears)
* Nuisances to the voicebank creators and other participants.
* Private Trading and Public Trading of these MMD Models.
* Redistribution original models.
* Redistribution of decomposition parts.
* Disguise the creator of these models.

= For Commercial Use =

* For corporative use, please contact me(http://utautoki.seesaa.net/) in advance regardless of payment.
* For individual use, there's no need for contact.

= Remodeling =

* You can alter bone,weight,joint,texture,toon,Spheremap,morph,etc.
* You can use self-made costumes,distributed costumes,costumes of other characters ,for these models.
(If you want to use the costumes of other creator's model,you should check the Rule of the model.)
* You can use these costumes and accessories,for other models.
* You can remodel to another character's model from these models.
* You can not be remodeled these models to naked and sexual costumes and grotesque form.
* Please give cleanly adjustment to fit the form of the model.

= Redistribution =

* I don't allow redistribution of decomposition parts.
* I don't renounce copyright as a derivative work.
* If you want to distribute remodeled models, please describe "UCHINO Neko" as the original model creator.
* I'd be happy if tell me when the original distribution is unavailable.

Redistribution is permitted in the following cases:
* With altered bone,weight,joint,texture,toon,Spheremap.
(Please attach this readme(readme-EN and readme-JP), and write down your modification. Please contact me in advance.)
* With altered "CHITOSE Rifu" to other costumes.
(Please attach this readme(readme-EN and readme-JP), and write down your modification.)
* With altered other character models.
(Please record "Original model creator : UCHINO Neko". Please edit this readme(readme-EN) about the character's rule.)
* When the original distribution is unavailable and there is no way to contact me for two months,
you can redistribute the copy and this readme(readme-EN and readme-JP).

= Disclaimer =

You use these models on your own risk.
I will not bear full responsibility for any damage.
These rules and Regulations are subject to change without notice.

= Thanks =

Tetraface Inc. :Metasequoia (http://metaseq.net/jp/)
HIGUCTI Yu :MikuMikuDance (http://www.geocities.jp/higuchuu4/)
KyokuhokuP :PMXEditor (http://kkhk22.seesaa.net/)
BuryokukainyuP :MikuMikuEffect (http://ch.nicovideo.jp/beta183)
SovoroP :SemiStandardBones,AutoLuminous (http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/17392230)
Kurora :SurfaceEditor (http://kurorat.blog.fc2.com/)
VPVPwiki :TransferWeights(for PMX) (http://www6.atwiki.jp/vpvpwiki)
Animasa :HATUNE Miku Ver2.0 Model(Bone) (http://masa2masa.blog69.fc2.com/)
KutsushitaP :Teto Wing(Bone) (http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/7685063)
Committee to Admire CHITOSE Rifu:Chitose Rifu Voicebank (http://chitoserifukai.seesaa.net/)

= Update =

2017-01-11 I edited only this readme abaout "Redistribution".
2015-05-10 ver1.0

= Contact me =

MMD Model Creator :"UCHINO Neko" aka "neko_utino"

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